In order to achieve its goal of being an “institution of choice that attracts and retains academic and support staff of high caliber”, the University of KwaZulu-Natal has committed to acknowledge the value of each individual employee by promoting their intellectual, social and personal wellbeing.

Wellbeing is very subjective in that it is the degree to which people judge their overall quality of life. It is more than the absence of disease or sickness, its’ having hope about the future, feeling good, enjoying life, having high source of energy and feeling contentment in all areas of life (spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological).

As part of UKZN’s goal of being an employer of choice, the University endeavors to keep a healthy and engaged workforce, as well as minimizing stress and boosting staff morale. The purpose of Employee Wellness is to support UKZN employees pursue an optimal state of health and balanced lifestyles (with enduring contentment) by ensuring that they take increased responsibility for their health whilst ensuring that they achieve personal meaning and fulfillment.


Each of the constructs is indicated in the model below. Click on it to read more and do a self referral to the relevant service providers. 



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